6 Reasons Why Athletes Come to One80 Physical Therapy®

Being an athlete isn’t easy. Participating in intensive in-season programs, off-season programs, regular practice, specialty practice all on top of their actual competition, takes a toll on the body. While these activities are crucial for athletes to perform, they can also lead to issues that limit the ability to compete.

The doctors at One80 Physical Therapy® are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries like tendonitis, fractures, dislocations, sprains/strains, hypermobility, overtraining syndromes and pain in general. On top of injury-related issues, these specialists can also help athletes improve their performance levels.

Some common sports injuries treated with the patent-pending One80 System® include:

ankle sprains                 ACL tears                      piriformis syndrome

plantar fasciitis                tennis elbow                 impingement syndrome

muscle strains               neck sprains                 pars fracture

knee instability              meniscus tears              shin splints

low back pain               impingement                patellar pain

Achilles tendinitis           rotator cuff tears            groin pulls

shoulder instability        spondylolisthesis          sciatica

Here are the top reasons athletes should be treated with the patent-pending One80 System®.

1. Customized Care:

The doctors at One80 give every patient an extensive functional evaluation to determine the root cause of their specific issue. During the course of treatment, patients are seen for one on one manual therapy treatments and progressed through customized reinforcement exercises.

2. Science-based thought process and treatment strategies:

Rather than relying on symptom modification gimmicks used by conventional PTs, chiropractors, massage therapist, etc., One80 attacks the cause of the symptoms. This unique thinking gets athletes quick and lasting results.

3. Performance maximization and injury prevention:

One80 Physical Therapy® provides athletes with maximized MoStreBility. This is the combination of motion, strength, and stability and is what increases performance levels while decreasing the risk of injury. Athletes are also given expert advice on how to prepare for practice and play to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

4. Return to play

Our goal at One80 is to help you restore normal function and return to play as soon as possible. Because our System is able to restore normal nerve-muscle communication, our patients recover quickly, and rarely spend time on the sideline.

5. Non-Surgical Treatment:

When possible, the doctors at One80 try to avoid surgery in favor of non-invasive methods like manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, exercise prescription and patient education. With this line of treatment, many athletes are able to either avoid surgery or put it off until after their season is over.

In the case that surgery is warranted, One80 Physical Therapy®  is able to refer athletes to the surgeon best suited for their condition.

6. Education

The best tool we can give a patient is the knowledge they need in order to understand why an injury occurred, what we did to solve the problem and what to do in order to prevent future issues. Because what we do at One80 Physical Therapy is the opposite of conventional thinking, patient education paramount.

One80 Physical Therapy® is the premier sports medicine facility in Northern Colorado. With our team of doctors, an in-house sports performance gym and elite strength and conditioning coaches, we are the source for athletes to get better faster and stay better longer. If you are an athlete who is limited by pain, or looking to avoid breakdown while increasing performance levels, and would like to learn how One80 Physical Therapy® can help you, call (970) 593-9300 today for a FREE CONSULTATION. Let us show you why One80 is the opposite of everything you’ve tried before.

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