Read What Patients Have to Say About One80 Physical Therapy

“I came to One80 PT in 2018 for a knee issue that I had seen several PTs and physicians for in the past. In three sessions I was feeling better and was back to full speed in the gym. I don’t know where I’d be without these guys, probably having surgery. I always come to One80 first anytime I feel I need a medical opinion and treatment.”

“When I tore my ACL, I was advised not to play sports anymore. Then, I found Dr. Polka. He helped me recover AND return to full activity after my knee was reconstructed! I always recommend One80 to anyone who is experiencing pain.”

“After years of painful, chronic lower back pain from an old sports injury (and trying just about everything with no success) I found One80 Physical Therapy. I was shocked to find that just a single visit had me feeling pain free and ready to get back to normal life again. I am a firm believer in this unique therapy and regularly recommend my friends and family go to One80 for everything from migraines to major surgery rehab.”

“I thought I tried everything to get rid of my shoulder pain. Then a friend told me that I had to go to One80. Since I was leery, I only scheduled a free consultation. I can tell you that was the best medical decision I’ve ever made. Not only did I stay for the entire visit, I walked out with FULL motion and NO pain. I don’t totally understand what they did, but I do understand that it works!”

“At One80 Physical Therapy, Dr. Rhett Polka has developed a superior level of treatment. As a former college soccer player, I suffered from several knee and ankle injuries. After trying several weeks of traditional treatments (ice, heat, stretching, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc.), the pain was still there. I saw Rhett for ONE treatment and was back playing in the national tournament two days later without tape, a brace and, most importantly, without pain. I changed my career path and I am currently studying to become a physical therapist to follow in his footsteps. With treatment this effective and a business model that puts the patient first, Dr. Polka has set a new standard for what physical therapy should be.”

“I had hip pain, aches, could not walk straight, and had difficulty standing after sitting. My doctor prescribed five visits with his therapy center. I completed all, but none helped. Then, I had an MRI that showed tearing in the gluteus medius and the doctor told me it may never get better. Then I was told about One80. In one session, I could walk correctly. I could hardly believe it! I was given valuable advice about shoes and what exercises to do. My personal experience proves that the services and results that One80 offers are not found in normal therapy centers.”

“My family physician recommended I go to One80 when I injured my foot while training for a half marathon. She told me One80 was different than the conventional PT clinic, with faster rates of returning to a high activity level. I was treated twice right before my race, and I completed the race 10 minutes faster than I’d anticipated. I’ve been very impressed with how quick and effective One80 treatments are, and how few visits are required to solve a problem. I will continue to recommend it to others. Thanks!”

“I’ve brought both of my kids here in the past for various injuries. Until I was injured in a car accident, I had never experienced a One80 treatment for myself. All I can say is WOW! Now I know why my kids actually like going to physical therapy. Every time I leave, I feel like a million bucks and can’t wait to go work out.”

I live an hour away from One80, and it is the only place I’ll go when I have any type of pain. In the past I’ve been told to have surgery, wear shoe inserts, use braces and limit my activity. Every time I leave One80 I’m encouraged to be active, walk barefoot, stay away from braces and only use medication as a last resort. If you want to get better, you better come to One80 Physical Therapy.