Is There Only One Root Cause of Orthopedic Injury?

Today we are going to talk about the root cause of pain and injury. In a lot of our previous posts and ones that are coming up, we touch on the root cause. But what is the root cause? If you can figure out how to identify and target the root cause, you can stop doing the gadget, garbage and gimmicks that are out there and get real, lasting results.

How to Analyze the Root Cause

Most of our patients that come in think we need to treat pain, swelling or weakness. The problem with the medical model is that we fall into the thought process that these things are the problem. But the real question is: is this the beginning or is it the end of the progression to injury and pain? If this is the beginning, then we need to keep treating symptoms. If this is not the beginning, then we need to stop wasting our time chasing symptoms and get to the root cause.

The Process

We believe at One80 Physical Therapy® that neuromuscular inhibition is the root cause of pain and injury. When we have neuromuscular inhibition, it causes muscle misfiring and weakness. So if the muscles can’t fire on time, with the appropriate amount of firing to stabilize or move the joint, then we have joint instability. When that joint is not used appropriately, or it has too much stress on it, it causes joint stress. This leads to wear and tear. This can be seen in pressure on meniscus, ligaments or connective tissue. When those things get irritated, then we finally get symptoms. It is clear that pain, weakness and swelling are not the beginning, neuromuscular inhibition is.

How We Do it Differently

When we go through this process with patients, and they understand that having pain, weakness or swelling, is indeed caused by neuromuscular inhibition. So if we attack inhibition, and we stop it from happening, then we don’t have muscle misfiring or weakness. We also decrease joint instability, and symptoms go away without having to actually treat them. So that’s why in our treatment clinic we have all hands on things: tables, kettlebells and slam balls. They all help reinforce normal neuromuscular facilitation and eliminate inhibition. That’s where the key lies.

The Transformation

When our patients realize what inhibition feels like, and then what it feels like to reverse the inhibition, they understand why they got little to no progress treating symptoms. Once we stop inhibition from happening, the symptoms go away. That’s why with a thought process and treatment strategy that both focus on the root cause, we don’t have to spend our time with repetitive visits and lack of progress. We don’t want to spend too much time getting hung up on symptoms. We are the professionals, so we should be educating our patients why they have inhibitions, rather than wasting time and money covering it all up.

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