Three Biggest Keys to Patient Success

Patient success is the number one priority at One80 Physical Therapy®. But we tend to do things a little differently than other physical therapists. Our three biggest points for success are educating our patients, using a science-driven treatment strategy and focusing on function, not symptoms.

Patient Education

This is the first stepping stone. It sets the foundation for our patients. It lays out our thought process and explains why it is probably the opposite of what they’ve tried in the past. We want them to understand what we’re evaluating so that they know that we are not focusing on symptoms. Understanding the root cause of their problem is a very big key that most physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists completely miss. We also want our patients to understand what we are doing when we are treating them, and how the treatment is going to target the root cause. Patient education is huge in what we do.

Science vs. Symptoms

This is where we introduce our actual treatment. We want to make sure we are focusing on breaking down the science of it all, instead of getting stuck on things like pain, lack of range of motion, or swelling. If we treat symptoms we might get our patients to feel better for about an hour after they leave. But when they come back we are starting all over again, because covering up symptoms doesn’t get to the root cause. It also doesn’t take into consideration physiology, anatomy and biomechanics. We also want our patients to understand that everyone, no matter what their orthopedic diagnosis is is a neuro patient. And if we treat them neurologically, they get much better faster. They also stay better for longer, orthopedically.

Focus on Function

Our last key is focusing on function. This is where our home exercise programs come in. We want our patients to know that we are doing specific exercises for specific reasons. That starts with educating them on why we are not trying to correct the problem with exercise. Because exercise is a focus on function, it acts as the reinforcement of the actual treatment process. While the patient might be doing their home exercise program 4-5 times a day, it’s only going to take about 5 minutes to do and they probably don’t need any equipment. They’re going to feel the difference in function, not just symptoms when they get done.

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