Because you want your physical therapist to return you to your active and healthy lifestyle, TODAY.

Most of our patients see immediate and lasting results, on day one.  The purpose of the patent pending One80 System is to return you to normal function by using specific thought processes and customized treatment strategies carried out through hands-on methods. To provide world class care, One80 Physical Therapy has restructured traditional methods and thought processes that have failed patients for so long.

After your first visit, you will quickly notice how different the One80 System is. Noticeably absent are the various machines and equipment found in traditional clinics. Our most effective and efficient tools are our hands and the One80 thought process. Each visit, you will have one-on-one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy trained in the One80 System.

The One80 Physical Therapy Story & Philosophy

Soon after earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2000, Dr. Polka became disappointed with his profession. From the time Dr. Polka was a PT patient in 1988, until he entered the clinic as a professional, the world of PT had become complacent.

Evaluation techniques centered on pain, swelling and weakness rather than function and physiology. Treatments were based on symptom modification strategies like ultrasound, shoe inserts, electrical stimulation and massage instead of a scientific thought process. Patient needs had taken a backseat to physician’s orders and insurance limitations.

Instead of falling in line with the status quo, Dr. Polka became motivated to experiment, continue his education and do extensive research on what physical therapy could become. This led to the development of the One80 System which worked when other techniques had failed.

In 2005, One80 Physical Therapy opened in Loveland, Colorado. Dr. Polka’s patients understood the difference and followed him to his new clinic. Since then, tens of thousands of patient visits fueled by word of mouth referrals have shown that conventional physical therapy thinking and methodology has been replaced.

Physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists from across the country have expressed interest in learning One80’s unique techniques. The wait is over, The One80 System is now offered as a continuing education course for medical professionals who desire to be leaders in their field. Click here for more information on available courses.