Why One80 Physical Therapy?

We are the experts in orthopedic pain and injury 

The Doctors at One80 Physical Therapy® are the highest qualified professionals in Northern Colorado. With multiple degrees, board certifications, years of experience and our own patented techniques, you will be in the best hands in the area.

Return to your active lifestyle, TODAY 

Our purpose is to quickly get you back to what you love, no matter your injury, age or activity level. No more resting injuries, sitting out, modifying workouts and putting up with pain. Want to avoid surgery, stop taking pain meds or ditch tape/braces? We will show you how!

Unique, science-driven results 

Our patented process targets the phenomenon called neuromuscular inhibition. Because nerves control muscles, and muscles stabilize and move joints, One80 is the only treatment that gets to the root cause of injury. This makes repeat visits, short-term results and frustration a thing of the past.

You deserve specialized care 

Patients quickly notice how different One80 Physical Therapy is during their first visit. Noticeably absent are the one size fits all protocols, various machines and latest gimmicks found in traditional clinics. Each visit you will have 1:1 assessment and treatment focused on your specific individual needs.

  • Evaluate

    Because no two patients are the same, we use a Functional Screen to identify the unique cause of your symptoms.

  • Treat

    To treat the cause of your ailment, we use specific, hands-on methods followed by functional re-enforcement exercises to re-educate your body.

  • Re-evaluate

    At the conclusion of every visit, our goal is to ensure that you are able to function in ways you weren’t able to upon your arrival.

  • Educate

    We spend a large portion of time teaching you how you became injured and for the prevention of future injuries. We then create a customized program you can use at home, work, or play to avoid repeat visits.