Meet Team One80 Physical Therapy

Our team of elite One80 System Providers

Rhett Polka PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Soon after entering the clinical world, Rhett became disappointed with his profession. Rather than reaching for greatness and pushing the envelope, physical therapy had become stagnant and complacent. This brought him to a crossroads that eventually lead to the patented One80 System®.

After several years of experimentation, further education, and applying science in the clinic Dr. Polka created a system that was designed to get results because it was the opposite of conventional medical model. This evolution in practice is what allowed him to open One80 Physical Therapy®. Since 2005, One80 PT has grown into a multiple clinic model. Now, The One80 System is being taught to licensed medical professionals across the country… and world.

As a former high school and collegiate athlete, Dr. Polka remains involved with sports by working with a variety of athletes including little leaguers, high school All Americans, Division I standouts, and professional athletes.

Kaitlyn Shipp, PTA, One80

Passionate, skilled, and driven by a desire to see real results in her patients, Kaitlyn is an integral part of the One80 Physical Therapy team. With a background in conventional physical therapy, Kaitlyn’s journey to One80 was fueled by her determination to transcend traditional treatment limitations.

Kaitlyn’s career began in a conventional PT clinic. Despite her best efforts, the lack of immediate results and lasting functional gains left her seeking a more effective approach. A search for a better way led Kaitlyn to the One80 System. Impressed by its innovative approach and significant patient outcomes, she knew she had found her calling.

Today, Kaitlyn combines her extensive knowledge and experience with the patented techniques of the One80 System to empowering her patients with long-term solutions. Her passion has allowed her to become a leader in the field of orthopedic rehab.

Mallory Durnbauh, PT, DPT, One80

Dr. Mallory Durnbauh is the latest addition to the dynamic team at One80 Physical Therapy®. As a former dancer, she possesses an intimate understanding of the human body’s capabilities and the importance of movement in performance and everyday life. Initially thriving in a pediatric setting, Mallory’s passion for orthopedics and a desire to explore a more dynamic and preventative approach led her to the One80 System®. This shift allowed her to focus on helping patients not only recover from injuries, but also prevent them.

A Loveland native, Dr. Durnbauh earned her degree in Biology from Grand Canyon University and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Concordia (WI) University. At One80 Physical Therapy, Dr. Durnbauh combines her firsthand experience as an athlete, her extensive academic background and her education as a One80 Provider to deliver specialized care that addresses the root cause of her patient’s symptoms. Her approach is guided by critical thinking and a deep understanding of human physiology, making her a perfect fit for Team One80.