Have you wondered how long you should wait?

Have you ever wondered:


How soon is too soon?

Should I wait and see if it just goes away?

Do I need to get x-rays or see a physician first?


At One80 Physical Therapy®, we understand that when pain and injury occur, timing is everything. Our experience shows that the optimal window for beginning treatment is within 24 to 48 hours post-injury or onset of pain. Here are four reasons why prompt action is not just beneficial, but crucial for your recovery.


Immediate Benefits: Starting therapy within the first 24 to 48 hours significantly reduces inflammation and pain. Early intervention sets the stage for a quicker, more efficient healing process by preventing the body from compensating.

Avoiding Complications: Waiting days to weeks before starting treatment often leads to increased stiffness, reduced mobility, dependance on symptom modification strategies  (medication, ice, tape, rest, stretching) that delay return to daily activity. Early care with the One80 System® helps increase strength and proprioception which speeds recovery.

Imaging Isn’t the Answer: While imaging (X-rays, MRIs) can be useful for specific cases, they rarely change the initial recovery process. In many cases, early treatment at One80 eliminates the need for imaging and MD visits. *Remember, you don’t need a referral for physical therapy in Colorado (except for Medicare).

Solutions, Not Just Diagnosis: Did you know that a diagnosis is just a medical term for your symptoms, it doesn’t solve the problem. The One80 System’s goal is to identify the root cause of your injury and provide a custom solution that gets you back to your activity day one.


Patients that stick with the 24-48 hour rule are amazed with how fast their pain goes away. To avoid extending your recovery time, call our team at One80 when injury occurs and let us guide you through a quick and effective recovery plan.

If you have a friend, teammate or family member experiencing pain and injury, have them contact us immediately to set up a FREE consultation. Let’s work together towards a speedy and comprehensive recovery.

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