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Is All Manual Therapy Bogus?

There have been a lot of posts out there both for and against manual therapy. We are partly in between, but more on the side of anti-manual therapy. We will be talking about the conventional version of manual therapy and what it does. In addition, we will also touch on why we don’t necessarily support […]

What is More Important, Strength or Mobility?

Today we are going to talk about one of our favorite things: MoStreBility. There’s been a big push in recent years for mobility, flexibility and increase range of motion. Which in our opinion, is only a small chunk of what we should be working on to help our patients. Not only for injury recovery purposes […]

Loading Injured Patients: Good or Bad?

The typical patient that we see at One80 Physical Therapy® already has some type of injury that they are coming in for rehabilitation. We do have patients that we see for tune-ups, most of which are athletes. However, the overwhelming majority of our patients are coming in with an injury: post-surgical or post-accident. Our patient […]

Three Biggest Keys to Patient Success

Patient success is the number one priority at One80 Physical Therapy®. But we tend to do things a little differently than other physical therapists. Our three biggest points for success are educating our patients, using a science-driven treatment strategy and focusing on function, not symptoms. Patient Education This is the first stepping stone. It sets […]

Read This Before Seeing a PT for Shoulder Pain

If you have sustained a serious injury to your shoulder, or just have annoying shoulder pain, you may consider looking into physical therapy. Conventional physical therapy may help you control short-term symptoms, but does it actually address the cause of your issue? The doctors at One80 Physical Therapy® see various types of shoulder issues on […]

What is That Pain in My Foot?

Foot and ankle injuries are some of the most common that the doctors at One80 Physical Therapy® see, especially among athletes and active individuals. In addition to being fairly common injuries, they are also incredibly debilitating since we use our feet and ankles to walk and perform everyday activities. Fortunately, the doctors at One80 are […]

Why Physical Therapy Fails with Low Back Pain

Low back pain is something that millions of people experience on a daily basis. Many consider low back pain an unfortunate part of life and opt not to pursue any type of treatment. But others try numerous unproven therapies and modalities to stop the pain. Unfortunately, physical therapy has shown little progress towards controlling the […]