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Top 5 Foam Rolling Myths

Mashing muscle with foam rolling has become extremely popular in the health and wellness community. Before grabbing a foam roller or lacrosse ball, see if you have fallen for these popular misconceptions and myths: Myth #1: Foam rolling breaks down scar tissue/adhesions These tissues are made of collagen, which is extremely dense and strong. It […]

If Stretching is Out, What is In?

Dr. Stewart McGill, possibly the most regarded expert of spine biomechanics, and professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada, has stated that “static stretching deadens the muscle from a neural perspective – diminishing the stretch reflex and reducing peak strength and power.“ He goes on to state that active warm-ups actually facilitate muscle contraction, […]

Work Place Injury, Prevention is the Key.

Most of a typical person’s day is spent at work. It should be no surprise that a good portion of the patients we see at One80 are coming to us due to job related injuries. Just like athletes who do active warm ups prior to exercise and use proper equipment in order to minimize the […]