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Work Place Injury, Prevention is the Key.

Most of a typical person’s day is spent at work. It should be no surprise that a good portion of the patients we see at One80 are coming to us due to job related injuries. Just like athletes who do active warm ups prior to exercise and use proper equipment in order to minimize the […]

What is MoStreBility [mō-stru-bility]?

One of my favorite things to talk about is MoStreBility because it has so much to do with what we do as physical therapists, coaches, trainers, and professionals throughout the medical community.  Before we get too far, let’s first take apart the pieces of MoStreBility, which are motion, strength, and stability. Motion – The ability […]

The Recipe for Injury

Early in my career, before the One80 System had been developed, I began looking at my patient’s pain and injuries through a different lens. I compared and contrasted patient symptoms and wondered if there were similarities amongst the injuries I was treating. I knew that the recipe for injury was a combination of certain ingredients […]